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Talia is another one of those deep throating teen chicks who knows how to please a man!


And of course when teen chicks know how to deep throat – and know how to use their ability – it’s a huge turn on for us! You know that Thomas got turned on!

She didn’t even get it out of his underwear yet and started sucking him off, deep throating him, and it turned Thomas on so much that he quickly spit out his load of man goo – right on her tongue! Talia didn’t even flinch; She took it all in stride and would have gladly taken in more if Thomas has more cum to give!

But she took it all! And like a champ too!


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There’s a first time for everything, right?

LOL – Looks like young blonde teen Delaney has never taken a load of jizz in the mouth before….. She looks surprised!

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She’s about to learn how to cum swallow!

And it’s such a beautiful sight!

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With the way Cameron keeps sucking down on this cock…. It’s only a matter of time before she discovers she’s got a mouth full of cum!!!

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All of her life Shelly has been used and abused by men…. And treated like dirt. But she’s finally figured out the best way to gain the upper hand with them. She takes control by sucking on their cock!

All men love getting their cocks sucked! She knows this and uses it to her advantage…. She knows how to deep throat without gagging!

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And even better yet… She can take a load of cum on her mouth and then swallow it right down!!!!

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Oh now this is fucking hot….. You can tell from the amount of effort she’s putting into this blow job that she’s going to turn him on to no end, and he’s going to spit out a huge load of man goo in her mouth!

She looks like a little whore; Chances are she’s no stranger to sucking cock and no stranger to taking a facial – or even better yet, swallowing a huge load of jizz in her mouth!

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When he’s ready he doesn’t say a word, just holds her head in place and drops his entire load right in her mouth!

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She’s a good little whore; She’s been around the block a few times! She knows better than to quickly swallow it all down! After all of that work sucking off his cock, she wants to get some credit for it! She opens up her mouth wide, shows off his jizz on her tongue, saying “See how much I turned you on?”.

And if that doesn’t turn you on, well, your on the wrong blog!

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This hottie reminds me of a movie star, although I can’t place the name right now….. She’s a stunner with her titties hanging out!


Oh, she’s a cock licker too! We like chicks who like to lick our cock!

Check out that tongue action! This little whore has it going on and she knows how to properly use her tongue!


Dont’ worry. She knows how to cum swallow too!

PostHeaderIcon Kinky Mouth wash

Sometimes chicks are just so damn beautiful that your afraid you’ll instantly bust a nut in her mouth…… But the truth is more like you want to enjoy all of this blow job!

Her name is Miley and she’s on the Amateur Allure website. She’s one beautiful cock sucker! And she’s not afraid of sucking down the cock either!

Imagine looking down and seeing this beauty sucking down your cock!!!!


But the best part of this blow job is that she’s not afraid of a load of cum in her mouth!


Miley loves the way cum tastes, and the more of it she gets on her tongue the happier she is! After she’s opened her mouth wide to prove that she took his cum in her mouth, she’ll play with it for a bit, swishing it around in her mouth like kinky mouth wash, and then swallow it down in one huge gulp!

That’s our girl!!!!

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Thomas from Amateur Allure is one lucky man, that’s for sure. Each and every one of us would gladly give our left nut just to take teen Nikky out to dinner – hopefully wearing this tight little short blue dress. Nikky is nearly perfect – tight body, perky tits, great ass….. Who ever gets to hit this nightly is one lucky fucking prick aren’t they?

You see a chick like young Nikky here and you think she’s just a girl – and surely she doesn’t do any of the nasty freaky stuff, right? You couldn’t be more wrong!

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Nikky not only isn’t afraid of the nasty kinky stuff, but she loves doing it – and she does it all!

Her special talent is deep throating….

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And cum swallowing!

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Because a hot beautiful teen who doesn’t like cum swallow just isn’t nearly enough fun!

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Some men are luckier than others…. Because when they look down at their cock they get to see a hot little blonde teen with her fist wrapped around their cock! And that’s a beautiful sight for anyone to see!

We just can’t wait to see this teen hottie go down on him! You can tell she’s just waiting to swallow down that cock!

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And when she does she’s going to be getting a nice sexy treat!!!

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PostHeaderIcon Scarlett Cum Swallows

Scarlett…. Lost us at hello! So young, so beautiful, so hot…. And so damn well trained at the art of oral sex! It’s not a stretch at all to say she’s been well trained!

She started off with licking his balls. No matter what they say, all men love it when their balls are licked and kissed and sucked. The sad part is so few women do this for us! The babes at Amateur Allure do it, and so does Scarlett…. But Scarlett looks beautiful when she is licking balls!

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Not only does she lick nutsack… but she can also deep throat unlike you wouldn’t believe!

This hot young blonde chick really knows how to suck cock – and her deep throating skills are second to none!

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But of course that’s not all… But wait, there’s more! All of the girls on Amateur Allure cum swallow! And that’s the hottest of them all!

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Scarlett looks beautiful with her sexy blonde hair and a full load of jizz in her mouth!

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