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She’s blonde, young, and naughty, but best of all she loves sucking cock….. She learned at an early age that one thing turns on all men more than anything else, and that’s when they come on her face and then she cum swallows their jizz down… Ever since she discovered this, she made it a point to always take a nice facial and then try to lick up every last drop of jizz she could lick up!

Combined with her looks, well, she had a lot of happy customers!

Because who wouldn’t want this hot young blonde slut sucking off their cocks?

hot blonde teen loves eating jizz1 hot blonde teen loves eating jizz2

Sure enough, every time she sucks cock… She gets a nice load of jizz to swallow down!

hot blonde teen loves eating jizz3

Because she’s learned to enjoy cum swallowing every chance she gets!

PostHeaderIcon Best Blow Ever

Talk about your best blow jobs…. This chick gives the best blow job we’ve ever seen. Ever. And here at Blow Job Swallows we’ve seen a lot of blow jobs! But this one is tops!

Imagine a tiger who hasn’t eaten in weeks…. Now imagine a beautiful blonde whore who lives for sucking cock, and she’s had a bit of dry spell…. Hard to believe, but it’s possible. Then she gets on her knees, naked, and looks back up at you…. She’s ready to take on some serious cock!


And then she pounces, devouring your cock like her life depends on it!

She bounces up and down on her knees while sucking your off, licking your balls, your shaft, and deep throating you….


Just watching this video makes us tired!!!!

Props to Swallow My Nut for bringing us the best blow job ever!!!

PostHeaderIcon Swallowing Jizz Load

If only all teen sluts looked as beautiful as Darcy from Amateur Allure… And were as willing to swallow jizz too!

darcy loves jizz

PostHeaderIcon Oral Tag Team

Oh how I love it when two hot chicks are down on the their knees sucking cock…. Having two chicks to suck off your cock at the same time is the ultimate for me when it comes to blow jobs! One chick is taking the tip of his cock in her mouth while the other is licking and teasing his balls….. Men love having their nut sacks licked – the tongue bath! – and this chick is doing it up in grand style!

The best part is having that one chick looking back up at him while she’s sucking him off!


They are both tag teaming his cock because they want his jizz! All women love jizz; Don’t be fooled by a handful of women that have never tried it! Women love jizz and they are willing to do anything to get it!

In this case, these two hot cock suckers want to share his jizz!


PostHeaderIcon Gerri Loves Cock

There is no denying that Gerri is beautiful… But what makes her even more beautiful is the way she can take a cock in her mouth and pleasure it…. This woman works wonders with her tongue!

Who wouldn’t have to have Gerri’s lips wrapped around your manhood, your pride and joy, and making love to it with your tongue?

gerri-loves-cock4-1 gerri-loves-cock5-1

And as an extra added bonus…. Gerri not only enjoys spending her time sucking cock, but she can deep throat any cock that comes her way….

It comes from years of practice!


Because we all know at the end of the day all women are cock sucking whores that love to have their mouths full of hard cock!!!

PostHeaderIcon Teen Cock Tease

This smoking hot teen on the Amateur Allure website sure does look beautiful….. But does know the first thing about sucking down cock? Because so far it seems like she’s afraid of his cock!!!

But this perky teen sure does have a wicked tongue!!!


Kelsey hasn’t deep throated him yet, but Thomas is hoping she’ll step up to the plate… But for right now she just looks beautiful on the far end of his cock!!!!


PostHeaderIcon Cock Sucking Hobby

Have you ever met a chick and just wondered what it would be like to have her tight little lips wrapped around your cock sucking you off? Here at the Swallow Blog we do it all the time. We’ll be at the mall, we’ll see a hot chick walk by, and suddenly we are wondering what it would be to have her on her knees sucking us off. Does she lick balls? Can she deep throat? Can she do both at the same time?

Does she enjoy sucking cock? We need to know. We’d love to find out!

Taylor here is the perfect example… The moment we first saw her we wondered what it would be like to have her bringing pleasure to our cock….


And thanks to Amateur Allure we aren’t disappointed!

Turns out that young Taylor loves sucking on cock…. She’s sucked so much cock that it’s second nature to her, almost like a hobby – A hobby we wish all women had!

But watching Taylor sucking cock….. We are surprised – Not only can she deep throat, but she can lick his nut sack while deep throating him! And that’s damn hot!

taylor-sucks-cock3 taylor-sucks-cock4

Think of Taylor the next time you are in public girl watching and wondering how well their oral skills are!

PostHeaderIcon Teen Deep Throat

This hot teen brunette made a number of tall promises when Thomas from Amateur Allure whipped out his cock… Thomas was already more than willing to suck on his cock – he’d be a fool not to – and of course she looked so damn cute when this teen hottie grabbed his cock and started to lick the tip of his cock….


But then she followed through on her promises…. This hot perky young teen promised that she could deep throat his cock without gagging, but not only that, she told him she loved to swallow cum…. And this is an art form that Thomas never passes up on!

Sure enough, true to her word, this young beauty took his entire cock deep inside of her mouth! This teen whore deep throated his entire cock and then some!!!!


What a beautiful sight this is!!!

PostHeaderIcon Mallory Eating Cock

Hot teens are at the top of our list of chicks we want sucking down our cocks! That’s why we have Amateur Allure – so we can spend our time surfing looking at hot chicks sucking down cock! But the one thing we love the most is when sexy teenagers can deep throat cock….

And young Mallory here has deep throating down like it’s a bad habit!

teen mallory loves cock12


It’s a good thing that she’s determined because there is nothing hotter than a young teen chick deep throating cock, taking the entire cock deep in her mouth!!!

Seems it’s something this teen slut does on a regular basis….

teen mallory loves cock13

PostHeaderIcon Nice Load Of Jizz

All chicks like to suck cock…. Some just need to be reminded of it!

And if they suck cock really good, they’ll get a special treat at the end of the blow job – a nice load of jizz!

brittney cum-swallows70

All of the girls on the Amateur Allure have sucked his cock, but few have tackled his cock like this young blonde teen did!

Of course this just turned Thomas on to no end! And you know what happens when Thomas gets turned on, right? Bam, right in her mouth he left a nice sticky deposit!!!

brittney cum-swallows71

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